Dr. Ariyana Love’s Detox Protocol

DR. LOVE’S PROTOCOL: ASEA REDOX Signaling Molecules (key protocol) Dr. Zelenko’s Zstack (Plant based Quercitin, Vitamin D3, V-C and Zinc) Chlorine Dioxide ClO2, Ivermectin or HCQ Melatonin (Natural source, not pharmaceutical) Medicinal Teas Detox Baths Spring water with a pinch of Himalayan Salt and organic lime (Complete electrolyte formula) Additional Therapeutics ALTERNATIVES OPTIONS Hydrogen PeroxideContinue reading “Dr. Ariyana Love’s Detox Protocol”

Order Dr. Love’s Pine Tea From Finland

TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK! (We will return in the Spring with new pine tree products) Please see Dr. Ariyana Love’s Detox Protocol, here. Follow Dr. Love’s Telegram, here. Support my work here: Bank name: S-Pankki Oy  Bank #: FI 17 3939 0063 4552 81 Bank address: 15110, Lahti Päijät-Häme Finland IBAN/Swift Code: SBANFIHH