Dr. Ariyana Love Protocol Consult

Dr. Love’s protocol: During a 45 minute to one hour consultation, Dr. Ariyana Love (N.D.) will make recommendations for a complete protocol that fits your individual needs. A minimum 53 euro donation is required. SCHEDULE HERE Super boost your immune health with the following supplements: Redox molecules supplement available upon request. Order Stem Tech (IncreasesContinue reading “Dr. Ariyana Love Protocol Consult”

Dr. Zelenko’s Protocol

Dr Zelenko’s Protocol  • Zinc / Zinc Ionophore approach inhibits RNA dependent RNA polymerase (RDRP) • RDRP is essential for some RNA viruses such as:    • all the Corona virus strains    • all the influenza strains    • RSV Zinc Ionophores include:     • Hydroxychloroquine     • Ivermectin     • Quercetin     • EGCG We canContinue reading “Dr. Zelenko’s Protocol”