Miracle of ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Molecules

By Dr. Ariyana Love, ND

Redox Signaling Molecules are the cornerstone to preventing and reversing disease. Molecular research has shown that cancer, diabetes and cardio vascular disease are Redox deficient diseases.

Redox Signaling Molecules were originally discovered by a Biotechnology firm. There were years of research and a plethora of doctors plus a Nobel Prize winner behind the discovery of these restorative molecules.

An Anatomic Medical Physicist specialized in Nanotechnology figured out how to stabilize Redox Signaling Molecules for human consumption. The pharmaceutical industry could not find a way to make the molecules toxic and therefore, were unable to create a drug which they could profit from and the research was abandoned.

Decades later, the founders of ASEA REDOX acquired the patent and made it their integral mission to make these age defying molecules available to the world. The pharmaceutical industry caught wind and attempted to thwart this mission, offering the founders a 5 million dollar bribe to buy them out. They turned it down and instead, set up a new-level marketing business model where ASEA Associates could build a thriving business for themselves while spreading this elixir worldwide and saving people’s health.

Increases Endogenous Glutathione By 500-800%

Our bodies produce Redox Signaling Molecules, naturally. When we are babies we have trillions of them. The aging process begins at age 26 and as we age, and are exposed to the toxins from our environment, our supplies get diminished. Basically, all adults are deficient in Redox Signaling Molecules.

Another thing we’re deficient in is glutathione. Glutathione is the body’s “master detoxifier”. It’s an internally produced antioxidant present in every one of your cells and is responsible for eradicating poisons and free radicals from your body. It’s vital in the regulation of oxidative stress levels to maintain normal cell signaling function. Your glutathione concentration also decreases with age and people are already deficient in this life-saving, disease reversing antioxidant.

ASEA REDOX commissioned Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to determine whether exposure to ASEA REDOX supplement activated the cell nucleus to call for increased production of antioxidants such as glutathione. Results showed that cells exposed to ASEA REDOX increased their glutathione production efficiency clearly and dramatically, by a whopping 500-800%.

To date, there is no substance on Earth with this capability and interestingly, glutathione is absorbed at the speed of light.

ASEA REDOX provides significant gene activation in regulatory pathways that signal dozens of important biological functions. Gene signaling and cell signaling pathways get shut off by Graphene Oxide and other industrial poisons.

Turns Genes On

ASEA REDOX breakthrough in medical science

ASEA REDOX has the power to reverse aging, reverse cancer growth, repair damaged DNA and turn genes on. An initial gene study demonstrates how ASEA REDOX activated important signaling pathway genes. Results of the eight-week study showed a 20 – 31% difference in gene expression abundance in five genes that are involved in pathway signaling, including regulatory network pathways. Long-term consumption of ASEA REDOX resulted in stable expression changes at the eight-week time point. These genes are key in the health of the individual and play a vital role in five human health areas and dozens of pathways:

  1. vascular health
  2. digestive health & digestive enzyme production
  3. hormone modulation
  4. immune health
  5. and inflammation control

This anti-aging meta anti-oxidant is native to the body and entirely non-toxic. Due to its cumulative effect, the benefits of consuming ASEA REDOX will only increase for you by continued use.

Repairs Cellular Damage

ASEA REDOX kill parasites by alkalizing your body and driving oxygen into your cells. ASEA REDOX also increase the absorption of all other nutrients in your diet and increase the efficacy of any detox protocol.

Scientific studies demonstrate that Graphene Oxide Toxicity and other poisons cause intracellular oxidative stress, leading to cytotoxicity and the inhibition of cell proliferation.

ASEA REDOX signaling molecules amplify internal detection, repair, and replacement of damaged cells. A double-blind, 3rd-party clinical human trial showed that Redox Signaling Molecules significantly reduce oxidative stress.

Also according to scientific research, ASEA REDOX has been proven to increase the capacity of cells to detox 4 fold and increases mitochondria production by 30%, after a fortnight.

We are at a pivotal moment in history and many around the world are seeking the solutions that ASEA can offer. I’m grateful to be in a position to extend this healing elixir to you and your loved ones!

Discover how you can benefit from ASEA, the single greatest health, athletic and anti-aging breakthrough of our lifetime, here.

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Published by Dr. Ariyana Love

Dr. Ariyana Love is a second generation Naturopathic Doctor and founder of Meta Nutrients international foundation. She's an 11-year Investigative Journalist, Researcher, Artist and Warrior Woman with Open Eyes.

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